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Site Information

Personal opinions

I work for Google. This is my opinion, not my company's.


I use Google Analytics to track visitors. This is mainly to know what types of browsers I need to support, what kind of mobile phones. I also use to track the incoming links and for online reputation monitoring. You can consult Google's page on privacy and decide to opt out.

Other websites

This list is by no means exhaustive. You can contact me if you wish to be added to (or removed from) this list of website with the same name:


Occasionally, I get asked whether I was a party in the 1984 settlement. Yes, I was me and I gave all the proceeds to a charity, so did the other plaintiff and the lawyers. After this, I have confidence in Amazon's policy and I have resumed buying books on the Kindle, which I consider it to be an excellent device.

Why this name?

I bought in 2002 because it matches my last name. I realize that other people all over the world have the same name but at this point I do not plan to release the domain. However, I can provide a personalized email address ending in for free. Just send me an email.

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